"Sansui - Flowing Stone"  concentrates on the strong contrasts that are evident in Japanese culture. Also the importance of details and the focused commitement are under examination. Furthermore, Sansui explores the interface between light and shadow, and the synthesis of movement and light.

The term 'Sansui', which means scenery or garden, is formed of the words mountain and water. These basic elements have a contrasting nature - a heavy, static mass versus a flowing elasticity. They complement eachother and create a dynamic harmony. This strong contrast is a central theme of Japanese culture. In aesthetics it is highlighted at one extreme by a stark minimalism, a clarity of form and geometry, and at the other extreme, by elaborate decorative details and a surge of brilliant colours. In architecture and street culture, extreme phenomena break the enforced norms. In their way of living the Japanese display a sensitive decorum but also a bold, defiant strength.

Unlike us 'children of the light' in the West, the Japanese are fond of the soft aesthetics of the dim, where the object may be defined in a more beautiful and touching manner than under the the full blast of an all-exposing, informative light. What then exists in the interface between light and shade? Where does the border run? And if we move towards the shade, how far do we have to move the object from the cascading light, before it is completely swallowed by darkness?

Despite geographical distance between Japan and Finland, there are striking similarities between our cultures. There is a kindred spirit; a common sense of wistfulness and a longing for the peace and harmony of nature. The cultures are united by a strong work ethic and a penchant for technology. The simultaneous familiarity and foreigness is compelling. Niina Airaksinen examines the distinguishing features of Japanese culture from the outsider's perspective. The work Sansui  is a collage that has emerged through the subjective filter of Airaksinen's interpretation, rather than a faithful reproduction of the original.